Ground Screws installation

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Ground Screws installation

Our process of installation ensures a solid foundation for all your building projects that don’t require basements and adhere to all the building code requirements and industry standards.

No digging and excavation removal, no concrete, no mess from plant movement, our system is environmentally friendly, cost efficient and clean. Our equipment can be carried in so restricted access proves no problem to our operations. 

With data supplied through pull testing, the correct screw can be used to support your planned build. Standard fixings can be used to secure timber beams to the screw heads, or special adaptors designed depending on your requirements. The ground screws and fittings are hot dipped galvanised and carry full ISO & EN accreditation.

Ground Screws can be installed quickly in a wide variety of soil conditions using a variety of low speed, high torque drivers. Ground screws are ready for loading immediately after installation.